About Us

Construction company L'Aurora srl

We build high quality properties

We build for passion. 

We do the best job in the world: we give shape and body to the places where many people will live. It is a demanding job, building also means conceiving, designing, putting people at the center, supporting and encouraging personal lifestyles. 

To succeed in this we use the best technologies available and we focus on continuous research to perfect our construction techniques. The experience gained in over 30 years of intense activity in the sector, with multiple construction sites and results obtained, helps us.

The Aurora company specializes in private residential building interventions such as villas, residential complexes, quality renovations, projects of undoubted prestige and charm. 

The company works with love, passion and determination to offer a high quality product and service at the right value.

Our philosophy

Building well to live better

Experience and passion

We provide thirty years of experience gained in the construction of superior quality building interventions and in the recovery and enhancement of charming properties. The professional background has been further enriched thanks to the collaboration with established architectural firms and the constant updating and specialization of those who love their work and do it with passion.

Materials and design

We pay particular attention to the choice of technologies and materials, studying the best solutions with commitment and dedication. We aim for the highest quality of each component also in relation to the main scenarios of technological evolution. We prefer the use of natural materials to create buildings of contemporary architecture with expressive shapes and designs.

Comfort and sustainability

We are convinced that sustainable architecture is useful architecture. The beauty of a building, its healthiness, comfort, energy efficiency and the circularity of the materials used are characteristics that make it useful to allow its integration into the context, to meet the needs of users, to reduce the impact on environment, to guarantee the duration of the investment.

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