The tallest wooden skyscraper in the worl

The Norwegian building stands out among forests and ponds, symbol of the green turning point of architecture. It was baptized Mjøstårnet and is a very successful combination of Nordic design and engineering.

The project originated from a somewhat crazy idea demonstrating how green building allows you to imagine an increasingly green future: building a building completely in wood, surpassing any previous record in height.

This is how Mjøstårnet was born, the tower that rises above the small town of Brumunddal, a town of 10,000 souls located 140 km from the capital Oslo, and is reflected in the nearby lake Mjøsa from which it takes its name.

The building designed by Voll Arkitekter consists of 18 floors above ground and reaches a remarkable height of 85.5 meters e.

Its supporting structure is made of fir wood and organic materials and is free of concrete, the project involved the planting of two trees for each cut, the building is obviously equipped with a water recycling system and entirely powered by energy from renewable sources.

To make the construction truly green, all the material was found within 500 ml of the construction site and worked on nearby. The skyscraper is harmoniously inserted in the uncontaminated landscape, also called the "good giant" houses The Wood Hotel, several restaurants, apartments and common recreational areas. In the lower body of the building, two public swimming pools have been built.

The panoramic terrace created on the flat roof is the flagship of the structure, a viewpoint from which the gaze can go in any direction, without borders or barriers.

Scandinavian design, seasoned with a contemporary twist, characterized the interiors; wood is obviously the real protagonist, laid on the ground, used for the ceilings and also the base material of which most of the furnishings are made.

Mjøstårnet has paved the way for a new architecture that is more respectful of the environment and nature.

At the moment, other futuristic wooden projects are being developed, including the wooden skyscraper (with internal structural part in steel) W350 in Tokyo by Nikken Sekkei studio. A 70-storey skyscraper with a height of 350 meters that should be built in the year 2041!

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