Digital journey in the next Architecture Biennale

Sneak Peek, whose literal translation is "peek", is the rich program put online in anticipation of the 17th Venice Exhibition in 2021. Full of video interviews, podcasts and music playlists.

The 17th International Architecture Exhibition will be held in Venice from 22 May to 21 November 2021 and is already available. Multimedia content in pills is already available online, a program that includes podcasts, playlists, images and videos.

The topics addressed are all very interesting and range from small to large scale: how will we live together? Worlds in the balance between transatlantic neighborhoods and Mars as a hypothetical new land of conquest. Will it be possible to reconcile viaducts and infrastructures that innervate vast urbanized territories and laboratories to conceive and construct buildings with light bamboo structures? The debate is already open and on the official website of the Biennale the Sneak Peek section is intended to be the digital meeting point for approaching the 17th edition of the exhibition, entitled How will we live together? Curated by Hashim Sarkis, Lebanese teacher and architect. Biennale Sneek Peek obviously does not replace the physical exhibition, which is always rich and engaging, but is proposed as an approach to the themes of the Biennale and the proposals of its participants.

The historian and architecture critic Luca Molinari conducts an unpublished video interview with the curator, one of the most interesting digital content available on the site, to which are added preview images and videos of what we will find in the 2021 edition.

You can also find online the contributions of the architects of the countries participating in the event which includes works by 113 studios with equal presence of women and men, coming from 46 countries with an ever-increasing representation from countries such as Latin America, Asia and Africa.

The photographic and video contributions answer some questions posed by the Lebanese architect who organized the 2021 edition to the participants and, among which, how could the figure of the architect be defined as a convener (coordinator)? how to involve a wider "non-specialized" audience in architectural themes? How to describe the impact of the pandemic in progress on the world of design? Pending the opening of the exhibition, the investigation has already begun in the online Podcast program.

All the episodes will be available in English and will have as their main theme a particular look at the city of Venice, its rich history and the way in which it relates to the different scales of coexistence. You can discover the official soundtrack of the event on the new Spotify profile of the Biennale, a partial playlist that next year will accompany visitors to the exhibition with the songs chosen by the various participants.

An interesting opportunity to take a "sneak peek" at the exhibition, with a daily schedule also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Biennale Architettura 2021: theme and sections

The exhibition, on and off-line, in the near future that can be visited in person, will be divided into five sections, As New Households, As Emerging Communities, Among Diverse Beings, Across Borders and As One Planet, with projects that explore areas from the experimental to the tested and all 'widely spread, from the analytical to the conceptual.

For everyone, working together will be the key word. The architects invited to participate in the Biennale were encouraged to involve other professionals in their team such as: builders, artists, artisans, journalists, sociologists, politicians and even ordinary citizens.

How will we live together? It is the title of the event, an open question. The words that compose it are How in favor of concrete solutions; Will to tap into the power of the architectural imagination; We is inclusive of other peoples, of other species; Live draws on the intrinsic optimism of architecture; Together highlights the collective dimension of architecture and? underlines the questioning aspect.

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