Living in 2050: the house of the future imagined by Italian

Safe, sustainable, smart: this is how Italians imagine the house of the future according to a survey commissioned by the e-commerce

Smart, made with sustainable materials, energy efficient. The house of the future, according to the Italians, must have little impact and very virtuous. This results from a survey by, a well-known e-commerce specialist in do-it-yourself and gardening, which questioned a sample of Italians on how they imagine homes in the year 2050.

The survey was conducted in collaboration with the YouGov platform on a sample of over 1200 individuals selected from all over the country, the survey highlighted how as many as 75% of the interviewees consider the complete self-sufficiency of the house from an energy point of view to be fundamental. . At the top of the list of priorities expressed are: solar panels and renewable energy, considered indispensable by 85% and sustainable building materials for 48% of the sample.

The percentage of Italians is very high, as much as 95%, who consider it essential that personal investments be poured into the construction of an eco-friendly house and 47% want green spaces where they can dedicate themselves to the self-production of fruit and vegetables.

In summary, 76% of the sample interviewed is convinced that, in the immediate future, sustainable construction will contribute to reducing the environmental impact in a concrete way and 67% to reducing consumption. This data is confirmed by the green building and sustainable building market, which records a strong increase in demand, both nationally and internationally.

52% of the Italians interviewed also maintains that they could not give up a system that allows them to save energy by automatically monitoring and managing consumption in the best possible way. And this is where sustainability and technology meet. According to this analysis, the idea of a smart home is very popular with Italians, especially young people, who record significant data in the field of home automation and smart home.

In fact, those smart devices capable of concretely supporting the correct management of the house in a green key are of considerable interest among the under 25s: communicating when is the right time to throw the waste, plan the preparation of the laundry or a shopping without waste are some most desired aid.

The "seniors", on the other hand, think a little differently. For them, the opening towards a high-tech home capable of ensuring a more comfortable lifestyle is accompanied by fear of an increasingly connected world and the need to develop innovative solutions such as new anti-intrusion systems and video- state of the art surveillance. To the combination of sustainability and technology, therefore, this part of the sample adds an attention to safety not yet expressed by young people.

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